ROLL : Jiu-jitsu in SoCal Documentary trailer

After returning from our California trip with Progress Jiu Jitsu here is our teaser trailer for an upcoming release. The film is called ROLL and focuses on the growth of the Jiu-jitsu scene in Southern California.

We met some amazing people during our trip and cannot wait to get back out there in the not too distant future. We hope you like the trailer, we are working on an end of year release for the full film.


New short film with JT Torres coming soon.

I got to spend some time filming with one of team Atos' stars earlier in February, World Champion JT Torres was in the UK doing a series of seminars following the European Championships and I caught up with him at London Fight Factory.

As well as doing a seminar at LFF JT was also there taking part in a photoshoot with other sponsored athletes for Tatami Fightwear.

JT is an awesome Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and competitor and he gave us his thoughts and ideas on the art and what motivates him to train.

Watch out for the short film sponsored and brought to you by Tatami Fightwear coming soon!